Suicide Doors Dodge Charger Split Kit Hood 2009

2009 Dodge Charger Inferno – Some of the customizations include, split kit hood, inferno orange, full spoiler kit, side skirts, suicide doors, full glass roof, fiberglass panels, pearl white rally stripe. Staggered Forgiato custom wheels and custom painted by Johns Restoration.

split hood dodge charger

2009 Charger split hood


Dodge Charger 2009 Background

The 2009 Dodge Charger was the third year of the return of the Charger model to the Dodge fleet. The Charger is a supercharged car with attitude. It was marketed to attract buyers who wanted high performance, but have to now be responsible and select a family sedan for obvious reasons. The 2009 Charger remained similar to the older models but it included a change in design of the taillights, added lights in the cupholders, rear-window antenna strip, and aluminum wheels became a standard feature in 2009.


The Charger 5.7-liter engine models got an increase of 28 hp and this year’s model has a taller rear-axle ratio in order to conserve fuel. The 2.7- liter V-6 does not offer the get up and go that the 5.7 offers, but it is more fuel efficient. If power is the main consideration, then there is the 5.7- liter Hemi V-8. With a 24 valve, double overhead cam, this Charger may not be fuel efficient, but it sure brings back the quickness of the Charger of old.


The 2009 Charger comes equipped with an all wheel drive system and boasts power rack and pinion steering. When the all wheel drive is activated, the driver is alerted on the dashboard. Another safety feature in this vehicle are dual front airbags and tire pressure monitoring onboard. Anti-lock brakes, traction control, and electronic stability control were also available on the 09 Charger, but the anti-lock brakes were not part of a standard package.


In the time of out of control gas prices, the 2009 Charger’s fuel economy was 18 miles to the gallon for city driving and up to 26 miles to the gallon on highway driving. To improve the image of the Charger, leather upholstery was an upgrade available as well as power driver and passenger seats, dual temperature control, and heated seats. Traveling in style was a selling point of the 2009 Charger.


Customers who purchased the 2009 Dodge Charger when it was new remarked about the power and acceleration of the vehicle. The four door sedan has 17” wheels all around and the aluminium wheels add to the appeal.If there is a desire to be a muscle car person, the Charger does not disappoint and it has the muscle to back up the look. Despite quick acceleration, powerful engine and strong performance, the Charger is still considered a car that handles well despite the fact that it is a large sedan.


Although the 2009 Dodge Charger is dated, the popularity of the car has not waned. The market for used Chargers can allow the customer to choose from any of the original options in any combination. As the 2016 models are rushing the market, before trying to impress with the luxury sedan, take a spin in the Charger and relive the glory days. With its stylish body and interesting front end grill work, the Charger is a noticeable car on the road. Not only is it sleek on the outside, the interior of the vehicle is spacious and there are many features available to make even the longest rides seem relaxing and comfortable. In all, the 2009 Charger is an example of the American desire to bring back the feeling of being behind the wheel of a muscle car.

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