Dodge Challenger – Hemi V8 SRT800:45

Dodge Challenger – Hemi V8 SRT8 6.1L (370 cu in), The 3rd Generation Dodge Challenger came back with as yet another strong sports car available with a wide array of options. First produced in 2008 the Dodge Challenger was built on the LX platform and very limited in production. Continuing with production in 2009 until present, the trims have included R/T, SE, SRT8, and SXT.
The Challenger you see in the photo and video below is the SRT8 with the powerful 392 cu in (6.1 L) V8 HEMI engine,  5-speed automatic or  6-speed manual transmission options available. If you think this is impressive and love power, check out the SRT10 Concept that was featured in the SEMA show. Im keeping my fingers crossed that this becomes a production package.