1972 Chevrolet Impala Custom Super Sport Donk Ride00:43

Hot car, a 72 Chevy Impala on Asanti luxury custom wheels, candy painted and chromed out riding on  26 inch chrome Asanti luxury custom wheels. This vert is simply beautiful! Back in the day this ride was Chevrolets top selling full size automobile and for good reason. Powered with an optional Big Block V8 Turbo-Jet 454 the car was simply a bully in its day. Available in several body styles range from 4 door station wagon to the 2 door Sport Coupe. The early 70’s Chevrolet Impala have been coined the name “donk”  and never fails to turn heads on the car show scene if done right. This 72 Impala is done right and super clean. Look for more custom donk cars and clean old school restored rides here at HipHopCars.com