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Background Info and specs on the 1970 Chevrolet Impala
The 1970 Chevrolet Impala was the final version of the fourth generation of the vehicle. This full-sized car was considered one of the brand’s luxury cars – Chevy used high quality materials for both the interior and exterior. Like all of the Impalas, the 1970 model is very easy to distinguish from other models because it features several unique design elements. The 70 Impala was available in six different body styles, three two-door options (a convertible, a coupe, and a hardtop) and three four-door options (a hardtop, a sedan, and a station wagon).

Key Features

The 70 Impala featured a 350 cubic-inch Turbo Fire V8 under the hood that provided 250 horsepower. This engine was standard on many of the year’s Impalas, although the four-door sedan version of the 70 Impala used a six-cylinder engine that provided only 150 horsepower. Due to the fact that the Impala was fairly heavy, many drivers found that these less powerful engines were inadequate for propelling the car up steep inclines. To solve that issue, Chevy provided a number of other engine options. Owners could opt for a 200 horsepower Turbo V8 or for a 265 horsepower 400 cubic-inch V8 if they wanted a bit more power. For those who wanted even more, Chevy offered a 454 cubic-inch Mark IV V8 engine rated for 345 or 390 horsepower.

The standard manual transmission for a 70 Impala was a three-speed with a column shift. Two different automatic transmissions were available: the three-speed Turbo Hydramatic was standard on all vehicles, but those with a 250 HP 6 cylinder engine or a 350 HP V8 engine could opt for a two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission.

Power front disc brakes were made standard for Custom coupes in 1970, but they were optional for other Impalas made during the year. The standard tires were fiberglass-belted and set on 15-inch wheels.

The Impala featured a vinyl bench seat and came in a number of different colors – 19 total exterior color options and 18 interior color options, ultimately leaving a wide amount of options for any buyer of the 70 Impala.

Updates to the 70 Impala

The 1970 model may have had a bit more subtle body design than previous Impalas, but it still featured the same bright trim that made the line stand out. Most of these changes were to the front or the back of the car. The bumper on the 70 Impala was a standard bumper rather than the wraparound style that Chevy had used previously. This is one of the key elements that allows experts to quickly identify a 70 Impala. Another of these features is the triple taillights that run vertically on the back of the car.

Removed Features

Chevy did remove some things from the 1970 Impala. Besides the wraparound bumper, this model lost its Strato bucket seats, the optional four-speed manual transmission with Hurst shifter, and the center console for coupe models. Due to a lack of interest, the Super Sport package was also dropped, as was the 427 V8 engine option.

The 1970 version was also the first Impala to no longer be built in Canada. Instead of building right-hand driven cars in Canada and exporting them to other countries, the 1970 Impalas were shipped as kits to countries such as Australia or New Zealand and built there. This allowed for customizations to be made during assembly, instead of having to be done at the plant as it was originally done.

Number of Units Produced

During 1970, fewer drivers were interested in rag tops and large sports cars, which led to a decrease in the number of some models of the 70 Impala. Overall, Chevy produced 6,500 six-cylinder Impalas during this year. For their V-8 models, a total of 606,300 70 Impalas rolled off the assembly line, with only 9,562 of those being convertibles. This put the total number of 1970 Impalas at 612,800 for the year. Despite showing lower numbers than the year before, the Impala still topped the Chevy charts for the number of models sold.


The factory price for a new 1970 Impala varied by model and by options, but for a basic Impala, the price ranged from $3000 for a four-door sedan to $3,380 for a two-door convertible with a V-8. Today, the 70 Impala is still sought after by car collectors and can be seen in a number of television shows and movies. As of October of 2015, many 70 Impalas sell for between $16,000 and $22,000, depending on their condition.

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