Asanti Wheels – 1973 Caprice Convertible Chevy rolling on 26 inch Asanti wheels00:36

Asanti Wheels – 1973 Caprice Convertible Chevy rolling on those 26 inch Asanti wheels. check out the paint on that ride. Yet another ride posted up at in Miami during the memorial day weekend. I waited all day to catch up with the owner of this 73 Caprice but never got a chance to peep at the inside are under the hood. But as you can see he serious in the car game. Give the caprice a new grille and its a winner all day long at any custom car show. I don’t think they could have chose a better rim than the painted Asanti wheels either.

The 1973 Caprice or Caprice Classic I should say since they renamed the car in 1973. If buddy hasn’t tweaked or replaced the engine this ride would have the standard Turbo-Fire 400 6.6L V-8 or the Turbo-Jet 454 7.4 L V8 engine under the hood. Im sure have has beefed it up a little and not just left it looking  good on the outside.

Asanti Wheels has been known for their custom luxury wheels and supreme craftsmanship.  There is a huge array of options when it comes to selecting the best custom wheel for your vehicle. Asanti wheels has everything from chrome, 2-tone machine black or if you need that special hue, you can get the perfect custom finish. The custom wheel styles at the writing of this post were  DA forging,  monoblock, concave, ELT, VAxis, step forging, and standard which are available as a one piece, two piece or three piece. Oh yeah and the Asanti wheel size range from 18 inch custom wheels all the way up to the big boy 32 inch custom wheels. 32 inch Asanti wheel is a major statement if done right! No rub homie! To see the latest from Asanti luxury wheels, head over to their site at