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The 73 Chevy Impala may have one of the biggest bodies in vehicles manufactured by Chevrolet. It shares many features with its predecessors including many aspects of the interior and the exterior and the features within. There are also many engine similarities between this car and its predecessors.73 Chevy Impala started the era of the close body type of Impala as the style of convertible was being boasted by a more high-end vehicle. The upgraded suspension and frame enables this vehicle to have better road capabilities.

The 73 Chevy Impala exterior design shares the same sleek slim look with sharp line on the sides. This model however has squared tail lights. The rear bumper is the same carry over design and the front bumper was redesigned. The front bumper was design to be a shock absorber due to federal mandates that required an impact protection of five miles per hour. There is a rearview mirror perched on the front left hand side of the vehicle. This vehicle’s windshield wipers are not visible unless they are operating as they are well concealed. This vehicle boasts as well an antenna that is concealed within the windscreen. The rear wheels of the car features a drum braking system. The vehicle has a robust and aggressive look with thanks from the new design front bumper and the new squared taillights that are perched at the backend of the vehicle.

The interior of this vehicle as a sleek design with a look boasting pattern cloth vinyl trimmed upholstery complimented by floor carpeting with rubber foam cushion for the front seat. The seats are design to give the passengers of this vehicle more leg room. The vehicle is equipped with a luxury steering wheel and a light equipped in the luggage compartment. The three point car safety seatbelts are equipped with warning lights to indicate whether or not the belts have properly secured. The vehicle has a power system for ventilation with the roof constructed with a double panel design.

Beneath the hood of the 73 Chevy Impala features an engine that has a low compression ratio feature and is able to use both leaded and un-leaded gas. The engine is a V8 three hundred and fifty cubic inch six cylinder engine capable of producing a hundred and forty five horsepower. This engine is coupled with a turbo hydromantic transmission with power disc brakes at the front and ration power steering. This vehicle offers options in engine and another option offered was a three hundred and eighty five cubic inch V8 turbo fire that has a 4 barrel carburetor. This engine setup is capable of producing a hundred and seventy five horsepower. The third option was a four hundred and fifty four cubic inch V8 turbo capable of producing two hundred and forty five horsepower. The design of most vehicles of this era were not so fuel efficient as the crisis and advancements that the United States of America and other places of manufacture have seen in the past years has significantly impacted the way fuel is consumed and the design of the machine that will most likely consume a lot of fuel.

The 73 Chevy Impala had a starting price of $3750. This vehicle has been noted as one of Chevrolet’s most historic vehicle and a legend in America for decades. This opening price for the Impala at the time of release was a bit expensive but the features and specs offered by this vehicle were completely worth it. This vehicle is money well spent regardless of the year and era it is purchased.


  • V8 power
  • As a very impressive appearance
  • It is a solid vehicle
  • Small engine block
  • Very durable vehicle
  • Very dependable vehicle


  • It is too big
  • The interior is too small
  • Rust easily if left unchecked
  • No fuel injection
  • Wheels could be bigger
  • Not a very fuel efficient vehicle
  • Carbureted engine

The 73 Chevy Impala is a durable automobile that will still be operational after years. It is built strong and built to run. The design is sleek and each of its options for engine is quiet spectacular. A classic car with a look that stays current and memorable. This vehicle may be more dependable than a large majority of other vehicle that was designed in the same era as this Impala and vehicle younger than this car.