1969 Impala 30 inch rims Dub Wheels one hot car00:40

1969 Impala 30 inch rims Big Homie DUB Wheels. This 69 Chevy Impala is fully restored. The exterior has a hot black cherry & candy red paint job. Under the hood is 350 aluminum heads. Custom Audio features 2 15’s, 2 1000 watt amps, highs are in the grille.  New disk brakes in the front and rear, 3500 stale converter, 373 gears, all custom console with touch screen head unit, all custom black interior. This 69 Impala  is ready for the streets! I think I saw this ride for sale on cardomian.com without the 30 inch Dub wheels.

Just a little background on the 1969 Impala, the year of 1969 offered the Chevy Impala in 5 unique body styles. There was the Convertible, Sport Coupe, four door sedan, custom coupe and the four door sedan coupe. The 1969 Impala convertible, and the custom coupe had the 327 V-8 engine pushing out 235 horsepower. V-6 base models were produced with a 6-cylinder 250 cu engine. The Impala was the most demanded full size car in 1969 for Chevrolet despite the Caprice being produced and presented as Chevrolet’s top of the line full size automobile at the time.