30″ Gold Floaters on 1981 Cutlass Oldsmobile00:40

30″ Gold Floaters on the 1981 Cutlass Oldsmobile. Gold Grille, Electric pop trunk, 25inch TV in the Dash, HIDs, 350 board .060 out, High Rise intake thru hood, Digital Dash, Ipad in the dash.

Background information about the 81 Cutlass.
1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass the Classic Automobile that Hit History with Excellence and Superiority
Its a automobile model that is part of a whole series made by General Motors. The once industry giant released this historical series during the heights of the company’s career in 1954, a period where GM was recorded to have grown its stakes by purchasing percentage shares from Isuzu, Suzuki, Toyota, Lotus, and Saab through 1990.
Overall, GM succeeded in providing consumers with a continuously enhanced automobile model, which was originally designed as a sports coupe that was relatively larger than other later models. Luckily, the fad for smaller and more compact cars came later following the release of the Oldsmobile Cutlass, leaving it sufficient time to sell at record-high rates.
The original Oldsmobile Cutlass was a unibody car that was later on remodeled into a more sellable body-on-frame car. The name of the series took the center stage in the 1970s, and became a sub brand for General Motors in the 1980s due to its impeccable popularity. The maker has released multiple automobile lines, generations, and models following its first release.
The 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass models were the Supreme and Calais, which are known to have been restyled to have sleeker body lines, quad headlamps, as well as novel grills. The 1981 models are part of the fifth generation cutlass vehicles that is comprised of the supreme, Calais, salon, Cruiser, and 4-4-2.The fifth and sixth generation models of the Oldsmobile Cutlass series were introduced afterwards.
Selling points, statistics
General Motor’s Oldsmobile Cutlass series was considered a best-selling sub marquee in the 1970s and 1980s, which included the 1981 models. Overall, GM sold more than 500,000 units every year from 1976 to 1979.
Following previous renditions of earlier models, the Oldsmobile Cutlass vehicles that were released in 1981, such as the Supreme coupe was given a new shovel-nose panel which lasted until 1988. The 1981 models still had the most features of the preceding sedans with 4 doors, only little redo in the lens of the taillights that resembled a Rubic’s Cube, and was used until 1984. The 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass vehicles paved the way for the creation of more compact, smaller cars that joined the NASCAR competition. Subsequently, different teams avoided the said models from then on, leaving GM with lesser wins despite continuing high sales rates.
Pros and Cons
Apparently, people bought the 1981 Cutlass models due to an enhanced appearance, durable build, and classic high level performance. While the Cutlass series was eventually put to a halt in the 90s, the name remains popular among classic sports coupe enthusiasts. There is no doubt that, even in the midst of automobile overproduction, and GM’s looming bankruptcy, the Oldsmobile Cutlass will stay in the hands of sports coupe collectors. Hopefully, they will be able to preserve the previously hailed models that General Motors painstakingly designed for consumer satisfaction.
Features such as T-Tops, a wood grain steering wheel, improved head lights, and the overall comfort that the 1981 models provide are reasons why people are still out to find an Oldsmobile Cutlass in the midst of a modern industrial period.
The Cutlass Supreme has a 3.8 v6 engine that does not hold too much power, but allows for a smooth and comfortable ride. The build is practically bullet proof, lasting for decades with careful maintenance. Depending on the particular model you are handling, you can expect to get more power and weight, as they vary from one model to another. However, the fifth generation which covers the 1981 builds are among the most loved, and have been around for decades since.
Why Get a 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Vehicle
There are millions of cars, used and brand new, waiting for consumers to purchase and put into good use. Brand new cars and later models have been made according to the common predilection of people who love small and hi-tech cars. Nevertheless, classic coupes like the Oldsmobile Cutlass are a valuable treasure that is must-buy for anyone who knows the real value in used but potent vehicles.
Apart from being made during the era where car manufacturing was still about power, resiliency, quality, and style, 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass models are highly reliable machines that were not as mass-produced as today’s brand new models. Thus, anyone can trust the long-lasting and excellently designed engines and bodies that passed high standards set during the earlier years. Surprisingly, anyone can purchase a 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme at around $5000, give or take, depending on the mileage, condition, and particular version.