32″ Forgiato Magro-L Wheels – Chrome Pink wrapped Challenger00:34

32″ Forgitao Magro-L  custom wheels on chrome pink Dodge Challenger rolling down the strip at bike week.

The Dodge Challenger
Post 2011, remarkable changes could be seen in the Dodge Challenger line. New refreshers were put in to give an entirely new touch to the series. With addition of new special packs, engines and burst of new vivid colors, the line soon became a strong contender among its peers. Considering the very affordable price tag it comes with, the features boasted by the line are an instant sell.
The Challenger is unarguably a big car to be labeled as a sports car but it comes with a dynamically powerful engine. Studded with 6.4 liter V8b engines, the latest model is sixteen and a half feet long and six and a half feet wide. The suspensions are solidly built and very firmly planted which makes handling easy and not an arduous task as you initially gauge by staring at its exterior. Compared to the notorious steering of contemporary sports car, this one will give you a shock. Dodge Challenger’s steering is anything but sloppy and imprecise. The heavy and remarkably precise steering gives an extra level of comfort and control to the driver that is absent in other sports car. Additionally the extra smooth four piston Brembo brakes will give you a luxurious pedal experience and fade free braking.
The interior flaunts comfortable seats, impressive fittings, stylish fittings and a large infotainment screen. The big cozy seats make it equally comfortable for long drives but the primary issue comes with its large size. The Dodge Challenger is too big to be categorized as a sports car. Plus driving it at large speed will give you tremors. It demands an uncanny ability to control the car at high speeds owing to the poor visibility and its large size. The rear seats too are not big enough to handle large bodies. The car is undoubtedly good looking but some features have to be sacrificed for this purpose.


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