32s DUB Gold H.A.M custom wheels Dodge SRT8 Charger

32 inch Gold Floaters’ DUB H.A.M. custom wheels on SRT8 Gold Dodge Charger. Killing the game down in Florida at the Riding Big car show Florida Classic weekend.

32 DUB H.A.M Gold custom wheels

32 DUB H.A.M Gold custom wheels on SRT8 Dodge Charger


Background info on the SRT8 Dodge Charger

The 2014 SRT8 Charger, designed by Infiniti, withstood hardcore testing to ensure that it hits the peak level of performance and power that the company was after. The Charger reaches 0-60 MPH at a high 4 second range, and slows down in a mere 120 feet. Capping out at 175 MPH, the SRT8 pumps out 470 horsepower and can handle 470 lb.-ft. of torque.

Interior Design of the 2014 SRT8 Charger

The interior design boasts performance pages, an 8.4” touchscreen that displays a variety of real time data. The touchscreen device is built right into the Charger, and measures fluid levels, steering angles, 1/8 and ¼ mile runs, and lateral and longitudinal G-forces. The interior of the vehicle was designed to suit the driver. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather with a flat bottomed design. The driver can wrap their fingers around it fittingly. The seats were shaped from leather and perforated suede. The seats have built in ventilation and heating pads, carefully shaped to keep the driver in one place. The 2014 SRT8 Charger has added grip, and the audio system was designed with the help of Harman/Kardonto. With GreenEdge amplifiers and efficient speakers, the audio system has 90% efficiency.

Exterior Features and Design

The 2014 SRT8 Charger was designed to be aerodynamic, and they accomplished that. The hood is cut from aluminum using a laser, creating a lightweight front that is anti-corrosive. This hood is how the Charger can reach a full 470 horsepower. The hood contains a horseshoe shape that ventilates the hot air right out of the engine to keep the engine cooled enough to continue working optimally. There is a splitter on the front fascia, which provides a downforce that keeps the lightweight front down on the road. The side sills are uniquely shaped to allow air to simply flow around it, allowing the Charger to simply cut through the air cleanly.

Powertrain Specs

With a 6.4 liter HEMI V8 engine, each 2014 SRT8 Charger is tested with Dyno Cell C8. At the Chrysler Group LLC World HQ, tests are run for thousands of hours to pit the charger against particularly tough torture tests. These tests included a 500 hour constant drive on the dyno at peak torque or wide-open throttle. This part of the vehicle was carefully designed to distribute power equally. There is limited-slip differential that reduced the clutch slip on each side while the system senses torques based on the inner wheel’s speed compared to the outer wheel’s speed, and equaling them out.

There is a launch control option that can be used for two purposes. The launch control helps prevent wheel slipping during launch and boosts the acceleration in a straight line. This system is used by pushing the button on the cluster. One push sets it to partial, and two pushes to launch control mode. The vehicle will not allow you to set it in launch control if it is angled too much on the ground.

Braking Systems

The brakes are equipped with the Bilstein Active Dampening System. It has four modules that it automatically switches between as you drive: full soft, full firm, rebound firm/compression soft and compression firm/rebound soft. These ensure that the vehicle moves by the wheels, and not the other way around. In addition, the brakes are tested to prevent brake fade. This is done by going 8 laps in a row without noticing any brake fade along the way. During these tests, the airflow ducting and rotors are optimized to work better.

By Dessy