73 Eldorado Cadillac – Custom Forgiatos Green00:09

Chromed out 73 Eldorado on Custom Forgiato wheels

Features, background and specs of the 73 Cadillac Eldorado
The 73 Eldorado has a rounder look that makes the car look heavier as well. It shares many features with its predecessors including many aspects of the interior and the exterior and the features within. There are also many engine similarities between this car and its predecessors. This vehicle offer two option is body type which is a solid body and a convertible. The convertible was designed mainly to attract women customers. It boasts a more luxurious appearance and is offered in a two door design.

The 1973 Cadillac Eldorado exterior design shares the same sleek slim look but it boast a face lift. This model however has new front bumpers and rear bumpers as well. It sports a new egg crate front grille with new deckle, fear fenders and new taillights. This vehicle wears a fender skirt with opera rear quarter window. The door glass of the car is frameless. The interior of this vehicle’s cabin as a sleek design look and feel with seats are design to give the passengers of this vehicle more leg room. There were only five hundred and sixty six of these vehicles manufactured with thirty three of which were used for racing.

Beneath the hood of the seventy three Cadillac Eldorado features an 8.2 liter V8 engine.This is a gasoline engine that is capable of producing 235 horsepower with 385 lbs-ft of torque. This engine system is coupled with a three speed turbo hydra-multiautomatic transmission. The wheel base of the vehicle is 126.3 inches with a top speed of 116 mphs. This vehicle will accelerate from zero to sixty in ten seconds. The Cadillac Eldorado will consume on average 12.8 mpgs. This vehicle offers only front wheel drive suspension. This vehicle was chosen as winner in the nineteen seventy three Indianapolis five hundred pace car as car of the year. The braking system that this vehicle offers boasts a self-adjusting power feature with disc in the front wheels and composite drums at the back. This system will ensure pinpoint accuracy when stopping the vehicle.

The 1973 Cadillac Eldorado had a starting price of $7360. This opening price for the Eldorado at the time of release was a bit expensive but the features are worth it.This vehicle is money well spent regardless of the year and era it is purchased.


  • It is a solid vehicle
  • V8 power
  • Very durable vehicle
  • Very dependable vehicle
  • As a very impressive appearance
  • Small engine block


  • Rust easily if left unchecked
  • The interior is too small
  • It is too big
  • No fuel injection
  • Not a very fuel efficient vehicle
  • Carburated engine

The nineteen seventy three Cadillac Eldorado is a durable automobile. This vehicle may be more dependable than a large majority of other vehicle that was designed in the same era and vehicles younger than this car.It is built strong and built to run. The design is sleek and the engine is quiet spectacular. A classic car with a look that stays current and memorable.