Camaro wide body kit and Twin Turbo Camaro

Camaro wide body kit

Camaro Wide body kit on the Camaro SS with  twin turbo under the hood. Candy red with the nice custom forgiato grille and sweet black and crimson stitched leather interior. Sony custom audio in the truck pushing sony everything! Check out the car audio in the video, its very well done although some my disagree with going with Sony. As for the wheels, they are custom  26″ Forgiato custom wheels, red on red. The way that ride sits with the Camaro’s wide body kit just made it to much to handle for the other Camaro SS competitors rides in the show. That candy red paint couldn’t look nicer. Some of you may have seen this wide body camaro  featured on Rides magazine cover a while back. This time caught up with at at the Forgiato Fest down in Miami this year. I love the show, Forgiato Custom wheels where everywhere of course.  Much love to deciBels auto creations and Crimson Cartel for the chance to capture this beautiful automobile. Look for more hot cars from this show and others  at ,  bringing the hot rides to you!


Wide body Camaro, Wwin Turbo Camaro SS

Wide body Camaro, Wwin Turbo Camaro SS

Wide body Camaro, with Turbo Camaro SS Sony Audio

Wide body Camaro, with Turbo Camaro SS