Chevy bubble Impala 1996 Super Sport on 30 inch big rims00:28

Chevy Bubble Impala Super Sport 1996, with a nice chrome grille, on 30 inch floaters. Big rims always look good on the pimped-out big body Chevys. Look like he had already won a few trophies for the hot ride. Check out the video of the automobile, the inside is custom everything from the painted air vents and custom steering wheel to the custom seat covers with the Impala SS in the head rest and custom dash.  Also like air intakes on the hood, the aftermarket review mirrors with the signal light, and that  Carolina blue wet paint job is something serious!

If you got a Chevy Bubble that is hotter than this then please show and prove. We have a more hot 96 Chevy Impalas at our sister site . Upload your photos in our upload section and please remember to give us the details on how your have customized your automobile. We wanna now the custom wheel size, car audio set-up, engine work, and any car club that you are representing.

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Chevy bubble Impala 1996

Chevy bubble Impala 1996

Chevy bubble Impala 1996 on big 30 inch rims. hot car photos