Corvette Stingray – One Of The Best Sports Cars Ever Built00:55

Corvette Stingray – One Of The Best Sports Cars Ever Built

Following all the gossips and artist renderings, the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 is at last here. The 2014 Corvette Stingray or C7 competes with the finest sports cars on the planet. This beauty is driven by a 6.2 liter LT1 V8 fuel engine; however, now it’s churning out approximately 450 lb-ft of torque. The exhaust diam. has expanded from 2.4 inches to 2.60 inches over the past generation and it is much less limited to the tune of a 14 % upgrade on the regular exhaust as well as 29 % on the working exhaust system.

For the very first time, active fuel management, cylinder deactivation, constantly adjustable valve timing, an enhanced combustion system that may deliver additional power with much less fuel, direct injection, less overall weight and more effective aerodynamics, all contribute to give the automobile the Corvette’s best fuel economy.

All these power, torque, and gas preserving technologies mean little in case you fail to get the generated strength to the tires. Nonetheless, at 8.5 ins wide up front and also 10 inches out back, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are a couple of inches narrower, respectively. The overall grip must remain similar because of a sticky rubber on the Pilot Super Sports.

On the way, Chevrolet has included the artistically named Drive Mode Selector which tailors 12 automobile attributes (active fuel management, automated shift points, Magnetic Ride Control suspension system compliance, throttle, steering effort, exhaust note as well as stability/traction control intervention points, and so on). The Drive Mode Selector is controlled by a twisty knob which is conveniently positioned close to this gear shift lever.

In line with the Stingray’s tendency of attempting to predict a driver’s requirements, the Drive Mode Selector furthermore alters the details the driver receives on the gauge cluster. Track mode is making an effort to become straight up along with a lap timer.

The modern Corvette’s wheelbase is approximately one inch more than the C6 with its front rear tracks extending a good inch each. The brand new Corvette is actually an example of maneuverability.

As standard, the 2014 Corvette Stingray features 35mm-piston Bilstein monotube shocks which connect with dual-path shock mounts made of aluminum. With this Z51 Performance Package one gets dual-cast, slotted front rotors plus 13.3-inch rear rotors.

It can virtually be readily accepted that the previous few models of Corvettes have experienced rather lusterless interiors. The GT seat is ideal for all-around luxury and the Competition Sport seat has significant bolsters to eventually provide assistance on the track equivalent to the Corvette’s performance. Until now, the interior of 2014 Corvette comes in gray, black, red and also Kalahari brown.

Although it still looks a lot like a Corvette on the outside, however, it does finally appear like the Corvette we have been yearning for. The sculpted lenses match the sculptural and angular outline of the brand new body.

Underneath its gorgeous skin, the Corvette is totally new. Sleek and stylish components and materials such as the removable roof panel and carbon fiber hood, doors and quarter panels, carbon-nano composite underbody panels, composite fenders, and a stiffer and lighter aluminum frame provide the vehicle an ideal 50/50 weight distribution. Stay tuned to for more of the hottest rides on the planet