Custom Hummer H2, DUB Custom wheels at NOPI Nationals Car Show00:48

Custom Hummer H2, DUB Custom wheels at NOPI Nationals Car Show held in Atlanta Georgia.The baby blue hummer with the strong chrome accents 26 inch DUB rims was one tough looking automobile.

Hummers first hit the market in 1992 which was a civilian version of  the military M998 Humvee. Produce by General Motors the automobile brand has several models to date. The version featured on this page is the Hummer H2 which was the second model under the brand. It was based upon the Tahoe platform hiding a 6.0 liter gas hungry engine under the hood. Available trims were the H2 SUV and H2 SUT. The more recent model that is was a little bit easier on gas provided a less Military like look is the Hummer H3. The H3 is also much smaller that the previous models but all three models where not the most friendly in terms of gas usage. Pollution from this automobile was also too harsh to meet some expectations.

For those looking to purchase a Hummer you should head over to the official Hummer Website for available vehicles.

The NOPI Nationals was a great event although we got there a little late due to expecting it to beheld at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  We soon realize that it was at the drag strip and still manage to get enough photos and video coverage to bring you the hot rides from the car show.

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Custom Hummer H2, DUB Wheels