DUB Skirts AZZSMACKA on Chevy Camaro 32s00:22

DUB Skirts AZZSMACKA rims on Chevy Camaro down in Miami. Chevrolet’s convertible camaro has never looks so nice on a flatbed. The new custom wheels called the DUB Skirts AZZSMACKA’s are DUBS latest version of the floater type custom wheels. The lower part of the rim/wheel stays in place while the upper part of the rim is the only portion seen rotating. As many would say DUB has reinvented the wheel again! I’ve been seeing a lot of Camaro’s on 32 inch rims but not these rims! If you have your Chevy sitting on any custom wheels better than these please show and prove. Head right over to our image upload section and submit your custom car photos. HipHopCars.com will put it out there for you!

Camaro on 32’s