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Ferrari 458 Italia 2013  super sports car. Under the hood of this mid-engined Ferrari super sits a monster engine producing 570 Horsepower  with a 7-Speed Transmission w/OD and auto manual.

This true race car has a top speed of 202 mph and strong acceleration performance of 0-60 in only 3 seconds. The obvious aerodynamic design of this automobile has be perfected to enhance the performance by producing a optimal downforce and minimal drag. Hennesey has a twin-turbo version of the Ferrari 458 thats just a bit faster running 0-60 in 2.8 with 738 HP! Now thats fast! Of course the gas MPG is not the greatest but its not built to be fuel efficient or eco friendly its a RACE CAR! MPG for the Ferrari is 13 city/ 17 Highway. If i could afford this exotic ride I don’t think gas milage would be a worry.

There is also a 458 Challenge racer that came on the scene in 2010 which is a little faster than the F430 and the Ferrari 458 Spider is of course a convertible version that is 55 pounds lighter however a little slower than the hardtop.

Other Verations of the Ferrari 458 automobile include the
458 Italia GT3
458 Italia GT2
458 Italia Grand-Am

The Ferrari you see in the photo and video has a price tag of only  $223,509.00

Brake Calipers Yellow
Carbon Fibre racing package
cruise control
suspension lifter
Electric Steering
Sports Exhaust System
Ipod Connection
“Scuderia Ferrari Shields”
INN/OUT Elettr.mirror+Homelink
Parking Camera
Front and Rear Parking Sensors
Painted 20″ sport rims
Carbon Fibre Racing Seats
Leather Headliner
Antenna Soars

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia super sports car

Ferrari 458 Italia super sports car Hot Ferrari

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