GA Toyz Photoshoot

The GA Toyz has been putting on  at a lot of car shows all over the place lately, theres many clips  on youtube showing how they stunt down in GA in the big boy caprices, impala’s,  donks, boxes, bubbles. Wet candy paint is dripping all over the place with GA Toyz. These are a few photos from the GA Toyz photo shoot.



    1. blaque March 28, 2009
    2. Wendy69 March 31, 2009
    3. Jennifer Wilson March 31, 2009
    4. Gavino Holguin April 9, 2009
    5. portsman April 9, 2009
    6. portsman April 9, 2009
    7. j.j April 27, 2009

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