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Background Info

The elite luxury 2015 XJ Sedan is the dream car. The 2015 Jaguar XJ has a strong albeit light weight aluminum body that perfectly combines robust handling with remarkable agility. The glass roof provides a perfect panoramic view with an illusion of spaciousness, fitting well with the contemporary design of the car.
The 3.0 litre V6 HP supercharged engine is a beast that not only gives you more speed but more efficiency too. The engine has been widely praised for including the latest technological inclusions such as the twin variable Camshaft timing and direct injection. Both have been designed in such a way so as to deliver more power and efficiency to the engine. The availability of 332 lb-ft torque gives it incomparable speed at any time. The GPS satellite navigation system installed in the 2015 XJ is state-of-the-art, boasting all the requisite essentials such as unambiguous and updates directions along with traffic alerts. The alternative routes are also shown by the navigation system ensuring correct navigation.
The bi-function xenon headlights with power washers give you greater visibility. The addition of integral LED lights provides you with an unobstructed and powerful light vision at night. The interior of the XJ 2015 is spaciously designed. The panoramic glass top provides you with an unobstructed view of overhead. The tinted glass roof is heat reflective and filters the UV rays. The interior is flooded with only natural light saving the passengers from rough and harsh light. The option of power blinds is fitted in to maintain privacy.
The electric motor door shutting gives the door closing a soft finish. The electric motor door closing operates even if you have the habit of closing the door manually just to ensure safety. With it superactive and highly sensitive radar sensors, you don’t have to worry about changing lanes and running into an undetected vehicle. The radar sensor flicks on an orange icon in the suitable external view mirror to let you know about the location of the undetected car. Blind spots are difficult to look into if you are driving at high speeds but the inclusion of this radar system makes it easier to take care of such vulnerable spots.
The smart engine turn on/off technology is ideal for fuel conservation. As soon as you put the foot on brake to stop, it smartly stops the fuel supply and immediately turns it on when you lift the foot off the break. Keeping in view the fuel consumption of vehicles, this is a sellout feature, an instant hit. The presence of an 8 inch touch screen in the center console makes navigation and entertainment all the more easy and accessible. You can search from the music collection or take a phone call from this beautiful colored touch-screen display.
The automatic drive selector and drive control options offer you with a range of really appealing options such as the drive selector let you choose form parking to driving or reversing mode whereas the drive control option offers two modes; dynamic and winter. The winter mode is ideal for controlling the engine full throttle in days when the road is slippery whereas the dynamic mode provides you with a more visceral driving experience. The Virtual Instruments are beautifully designed and can be easily altered to offer multimedia options. The crystal clear screen makes visibility easy.