Polaris Sling shot is a speedy three-wheeler sports car00:26

Polaris Slingshot combines high speed with a simple, unassuming exterior to qualify as a high performance vehicle.

The latest innovation of Polaris, Slingshot, is a three-wheeler sports car designed for the optimal and speedy performance on the track. Slated for release in the later half of the year 2015, it is a light, simple and an extreme super fast model.

External Overview

The Polaris Slingshot flaunts a basic exterior, the main highlights of which being an open-top typical of fast sports cars, the long hood and sharp nose. The bumper consists of nothing more except for two thin blades intertwined with a huge splitter. Headlamps lie in a protruded position at the front end’s edges and there are extra light units fitted at the central margin of the nose. While the posterior end is kept relatively simple, the vehicle is devoid of doors at the sides. Only the vehicle’s third wheel is visible from the front view which is tremendous.The body panels of Slingshot are built of the lightweight, shiny, rust-proof and strain-resistant polymer where you need not worry about the quality. Convenience features like fenders or doors are absent.

Internal Overview

Polaris Slingshot’s interior is simple yet sporty. The cockpit, wrapped essentially in a motorsport-type roll cage comprises of the aluminum floor, a huge center console and an unassuming dashboard. Features like a 4.3 inch LCD screen is present that also includes a restore and backup camera. Bluetooth connectivity, as well as audio system equipped with six speakers, are present. Seating is adjustable and waterproof and the tilt steering is standard. Two storage baskets are installed behind the leather seats. For premium safety, the Slingshot features three-way seat belts.

Engine Overview

Polaris Slingshot car will obtain its power from a 2.4 litre, GM-sourced, Ecotec engine of four cylinders that generates up to 173 horsepower at 6,200 rpm as well as 166 lbs-feet torque value at 4,700 rpm. This will make the Slingshot very fast as compared to its weight. Although performance numbers have not been disclosed yet, it is expected to border around a value of 0-60 mph of sprint in less than 4-5 seconds as well as a peak speed of 130 mph. The power gets channelized to the vehicle wheels through the five-speed high manual transmission. Slingshot has a fuel capacity you 9.8 gallons. Its steering will be electrically assisted and rack and pinion.

Suspension & Brakes

Polaris Slingshot drives on sport-attuned dual wishbone-free suspension bearing shocks with full of gas. The front end 18 inches wheels as well as the rear end 20-inches wheels provide traction. Tires , constructed by Kenda, lend high performance and allow for a friction-free ride. The Slingshot three-wheeler stays steady under immense throttle due to the electrical stability control, speed-controlled power steering and standard traction control.

Release Date & Price

Slated to release in the later half of 2015, Polaris Slingshot at its standard guise is expected to cost around $19,999, while its SL model will be charged at a higher price of $23,999. The price value of Slingshot makes it considerably cheaper than its competitors like the Morgan three-wheeler as well as the KTM X-Bow. Polaris offers quite a few options in its Slingshot model as different combinations of equipment or detailing are priced variable. For instance, iPhone cases and seat mounts will be charged at $4.99 while a combination of trailer covers and cockpit will cost up to $449.99 and $249.99 respectively. The infotainment kit is priced at around $2199.99, which makes it way costlier than other options of combinations. All in all, Slingshot is expected to cost a value of nearly $27,400, considering that all options are chosen collectively.


The Slingshot will face competition mainly from Morgan three-wheeler that hits the automotive market at around the same time as the Slingshot. Due to the sporty design and wheel count of Morgan, it is expected to lend competition to the Slingshot.

However remarkable may be the competitors of the Polaris Slingshot, the latter is expected to outshine others in terms of technology, lucid exterior and super fast performance on the road. It is available in two different models, the ordinary Slingshot priced at $19,999 and the extraordinary Slingshot Red Pearl, priced at $23,999. Various options or car accessories that feature along with the model are iPhone 4,5 and 5c case covers, trailer cover, mount, dust cover, cockpit cover, internal LED lighting kit and the costliest of the lot, the Infotainment center kit.