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Background Info

The Cadillac 1966 De’ville denotes the mainstream model that falls between the Calais and the Eldorado. The year 1966 saw a superb facelift of 1966 Cadillac Deville and the changes in the car exterior imparted much stronger and bolder look. In the year 1966, Deville became a separate series and it represented the mainstream model of Cadillac. Being originally a trim level, Cadillac Deville was later on produced as the separate model by Cadillac. In the year 1966, changes in the Cadillac included a coarser mesh for the grille insert which finally got divided by the bright and thick horizontal centre comprised of metal and the rectangular parking lamps present at the outer ends of the car.

What changes in the Cadillac Deville was noticed in the year 1966?

The radiator grille insert had the coarser mesh in the year 1966 with the separate side marker lamps, replacing the grille extension design. One can notice the presence of lesser amount of chrome upon the Cadillac model. The De Ville script was much above the rear tip of horizontal body moldings. The distinguishing feature of the Cadillac Deville of the year 1966 had been the mouldings of V-Shape, the Cadillac Crests and the altogether different front and the rear. You can notice a variable ratio steering beside the front seats which were optional. The presence of the carbon cloth heating pads upon the seatbacks and cushions made a lot of difference for this SUV. The presence of the padded vinyl roof added an extra cost of $121. Lastly, there was a tiffany-like script or the name plate which could be noticed at the end of the rear fenders.

A complete comfort and innovations with great interiors

The year 1966 saw a kind of changed interior for the Cadillac. The superb interior perfectly defined comfort and convenience. Some of the striking features of 1966 Cadillac Deville were the reclining seats which were too comfortable, the headrests and the FM or the AM stereo systems. You can see the automatic level control present in the car and there has been a lot of engineering improvements. The 1966 Cadillac offered far greater handling ease and also a great riding experience. It is great to see that the freshly designed oil rings and pistons were used and the new engine mounting system made a lot of difference. The patented quiet exhaust was the added advantage in the 1966 Cadillac. The external is magnificently finished in the Sable Black original with the Hartz Black Canvas Convertible Top.

1966 Cadillac Deville: The classic car

The new Deville Cadillac was finally announced in the year 1966. The car featured a powerful engine of 429 ci where the speed of 0-60 mph could be picked up in 8.5 secs and the quarter mile in just 16.2 seconds and the available transmission was Turbo-Hydra Matic Auto. Available in various options like ohv V8, 1x4bbl, 429ci, 480 lb-ft and 340 hp, the most favorite is option is 429ci. The engine power was 340 BHP @ 4600 RPM with the overall RPM is 4.1in per 105mm and the stroke of 4.0in every 102mm.

1966 Cadillac Deville was a luxurious automobile and the sales for this car were very much up since people started viewing Cadillac as the lead designer. The 1966 lineup was much distinct from the rest of Cadillac due to the presence of a Tiffany script. The overall price of the value Sedan at present is $22900 approximately.