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Highlights and features of the 2012 Fisker Karma


Karma Fisker - luxury hybrid automobiile

Karma Fisker Electric Hybrid luxury automobile

Originally based in Anaheim, California, Fisker Automotive was one of the first to create the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, entitled the Fisker Karma, a real first of its kind in this time and age. But this hybrid isn’t like most you’ll see on the road — it offers numerous automatic features and flaunts the luxurious body of a sports car that has attracted celebrity owners. If you’re opting for a quality car that’s compact, environmentally friendly, easy to use, and easy on the eyes, this car might be your best bet.


So what’s unique about the 2012 model? Firstly, it’s Fisker’s first production car — one of the first in its series, meaning less glitches than its successors. It’s powered by two 120 KW electric motors and a 20.1 K.W.H lithium ion battery. The battery-pack runs down towards the centre of the car, constricting space in the cabin, but maximizing its power while reducing its carbon footprint at the same time (not to mention minimizing the number of trips to the gas station). Itcan travel up to 50 miles on battery power alone, then a couple hundred more after that as the gasoline engine kicks in.


Aside from that, here are some additional highlights of the  Fisker Karma:

The standard interior four-person cabin is dressed in animal-free eco-suede (but leather is also an option), with nearly every function activated by the touch of a button, including the ignition, four fully automatic windows, and even the transmission, which is triggered by touch-tone buttons acting as gear selectors in the center console — no stick shift. Most features of this car are electric, down to the power steering.


Above your head is a solar panelled roof to help the cabin climate-control system. This solar roof can genere a half kilo-watt-hour every day and indeed was estimated as able to provide four – five miles worth of extra range every week assuming it was continuously sunny days.


Inside, you will also find a large, rear-integrated back-up camera, allowing you to see what’s behind you without blind spots. Another unique safety feature is the warning sound system to alert pedestrians of the car’s presence as well as enhance the driver experience. The alarm sound is automatically emitted and also activated just when this car travels in an all-electric-mode at a speed less than 25 mph.


On each side of the steering wheel is a lever,which activates the vehicle’s sport mode and hill mode — an extra incentive to control the power executed as you drive. And speaking of power, the 2012 Fisker Karma has quite a bit of it. Its two-201 brake horse-power motors produce 1,300 newton meters of torque. It boasts a 125 m.p.h top speed which is able to reach 60 m.p.h from a total stop in roughly six seconds. The curb weight of 5,300 pounds, combined with its duel electric and gasoline-powered engines, means you’ll get an optimized gas mileage estimated to be slightly below the Volt’s ratings of 93 equivalent mpg in electric driving, 35 mpg city driving, and 40 highway with the engine running.


To learn more about the 2012 Fisker Karma’s unique features and highlights, be sure to check out http://fisker.ignitedusa.com/en-us

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